Amazon Brand Registry - How does it work?

created on 2020 Feb 21 Fri

Everyone who owns a brand that sells on Amazon knows that keeping their brand safe is a job which requires full-time attention. The problems associated with brand sabotage is common that many owners of brands vehemently refuse to sell their products on Amazon. Although the fact remains that even if you may opt against selling your goods on Amazon, someone else may do so, so opting to avoid Amazon completely for the sake of keeping your brand safe is counter-intuitive.

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon introduced Amazon Brand Registry to be a means to combat product fakes and ensure consumers have the best experience when using Amazon’s services.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry program is a scheme introduced by Amazon to certify confirmed owners of brands. With Amazon Brand Registry, owners can easily keep the content of their goods and property of intellect safe from sabotage.

Amazon Brand Registry consists of a team of dedicated workers who are always on the lookout to deal with cases of property of intellect theft, infringement of policy and more problems relating to listing and technicalities.

Who can use Brand Registry on Amazon?

Amazon Brand Registry is readily available for use by proprietors of manufacturers who want to hold the identity of their logo(s) secure. Amazon Brand Registry is appropriate for use by everybody who owns an Amazon account, Seller Central or Vendor Central, who is also the certified proprietor of the logo and has a functioning registered trademark they sell.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 is an enhanced model of the original Amazon Brand Registry, It includes various benefits you’ll find out are important to hold producers secure and also gives valuable records that aids with the overall success of the logo. These benefits are:

1. Gives proprietors of brands the energy to control the content material in their listing.

2. This application is a handy medium for monitoring your brand’s presence on Amazon.

3. Includes an option to consist of agents and deliver them get entry to the diverse gear Brand Registry offers you.

4. Offers you an immediate channel to an inner Brand Registry organization that assists you in issues concerning infringement claims, technical difficulties, marketplace violations, incorrect listing, troubles of wrong data and pretend variations regarding your goods.

5.Prevents opponents from altering listing content material to stop all sorts of sabotage on your listing.

6. Makes the process of finding and submitting reports concerning IP infringements and the retracting of fake IP infringement claims easier.

How to apply for Amazon Brand Registry

1. First, access the Amazon site and sign up for a registry account:

The first step in applying for Amazon Brand Registry is providing complete corporate information, confirming the identity via SMS, reading and accepting the terms of use, and clicking “save”. You will also need to choose any of the 12 countries available to sign up in, these countries are the US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, and India.

2. Enroll your brand:

This process can be carried out in four easy steps;

Brand Eligibility: This phase deals with the name of the logo you want to register, you'll also provide records regarding the brand logo, and how many brand names you want to enroll within the registry. Click “next” after doing this.

Intellectual Property: In this segment, you'll pick out the trademark type, name, registration number, and workplace of your brand. Click “next” after completing this.

Identification: In this section, you’ll be required to provide certain data concerning your brands such as images, logos, and information on the website and social media pages. Click “next” when you are done with this.

Characteristics: Here, you are required to offer a closer description of the emblem seller account facts, account facts of the vendors, production, distribution and license details, and GTINs, EANs, UPCs or EANs if available. Click “submit” after this.

3. Verification:

After successful submission, Amazon would require between 2 to 10 days if you want to process your submission and ahead a code to the workplace of the registered trademark whilst approval is complete. After receiving the code, login to Amazon Seller Central account and input the precise case ID and select “Go”. Select “respond” and choose “reply”, then paste the code.


Is a registered trademark a necessity for Amazon Brand Registry?

Yes, you must own a registered trademark.

What is the duration for the application for Amazon Brand Registry?

It takes between two to ten days after you've successfully applied.

How much does it cost to register a brand on Amazon?

Amazon Brand Registry cost is between $225 to $400, this depends on the protection plan you choose.

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