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Amazon is one of the largest online retails stores in the world, which accommodates tons of customers. It has won many hearts when it comes to buying products, which is why it is one of the best places to start trading. It is also true that there are now many sellers on Amazon, which makes it more difficult to get customers and earn more profits. However, there are certain tricks that can help you gain more grounds on Amazon.

To gain more visitors to your product page, there is a need for keyword optimization.

Let me break it down!

Keywords are groups of words (one or more words) that can help increase your page views on Amazon. It is not magic! For instance, let us assume I am an Amazon customer looking to purchase a juicer. I picked up my phone and logged into my Amazon account to look for the juicer I want.

Of course, there would be so many types of juicers on Amazon for me to buy. The next thing I would is search for it using words. Let us assume I typed in “ juicers for citrus ” or “ cheap juicers .” After I type this into the Amazon search engine, a list of results of pop up. This list of results come in ranks in different pages. After checking the first list of results, I would definitely find what I what. That is why it is very important to optimize one’s product page on Amazon with keywords.

In this article, we will look into Amazon keyword tools and their importance to sellers on Amazon.

What are keywords?

Before moving into the main topic of this article, I figured we should first talk about keywords. We have said a little about it in the introduction above but there is more to it. Like Google, Amazon also makes use of a kind of algorithm, which influences product ranking on Amazon.

These algorithm works in such a way that it brings out relevant results to the keyword typed into the search engine. Many people are unaware of these keywords and that is why they are unable to get high ranks on Amazon. Don’t get me wrong! That’s not the only factor that can help you get high rank on Amazon but it is one of the most important factors.

To increase one’s visibility on Amazon, one productive trick is to optimize the product page (descriptions, title and tags) with the most searched keywords peculiar to the product.

What are Keyword tools for Amazon?

Keyword tools are those online tools whether an application or extension that can help Amazon sellers generate most searched keywords for their products. As a seller on Amazon, your primary goal or purpose should be:

  • Increasing your brand visibility
  • Aiming for high ranking in your niche (best seller rank or sales rank)
  • Providing the best service

These three points mentioned above would help you gain grounds on Amazon. One way to go about that is by optimizing your product page with the right keywords.

Importance of Keywords on Amazon

Let us start by painting a scenario. Let’s say I rear fishes for a living. I catch them in a lake and sell to make a living. There are several ways I can catch, right? One way is by using a bait that fishes cannot resist to attract them to the net. After I have succeeded in attracting them, they get hooked.

That’s kind of like how keywords work. They are like baits for prospective customers, such that when they search or the exact keyword you have included in your product descriptions and titles, your page pops up. They are very important for attracting prospective customers to purchase your products.

Top Three Amazon Keyword Tools

After a thorough research, we found our best three Amazon keyword tools which includes:

  • AMZSuite

Before we can say a product or application is great, we have to take a look at its features. How relevant is it to solve your problem? AMZSuite is an incredible keyword tool for Amazon which is mostly used by professional Amazon sellers and SEO experts. It is a software loaded with many useful features such as information on top trending products on Amazon, best seller ranks and of course, most searched keywords for all categories.

  • Kparser

This is the second Amazon keyword tool we are recommending for Amazon sellers who are looking to optimize their product pages and gain more customers. It also comes with a few features which makes it outstanding and unique among its pairs. It is known to offer quality and accurate data concerning keywords.

  • MerchantWords

This is one of the best keyword tools for Amazon as far as entrepreneurs are concerned. It is a great software that gives sellers on Amazon free access to millions of keywords. It is an awesome tool for upcoming or next rated Amazon sellers hoping to rank high on Amazon.


Understanding the usefulness of keyword research in every marketplace is as important as starting the business itself. I hope this article enlightened on the important of Amazon keyword tools.


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