AMZScout Review: Pick The Right Products to Sell on Amazon

created on 2020 Mar 04 Wed

Roaming the Amazon jungle, trying to retail goods, without proper investigative methods can be a pain in the neck. As a retailer on Amazon, you should be equipped with appropriate means of analyzing viable commodities to market. The reason for this is the extreme saturation of merchandise on Amazon. There is intense competition among the thousands of merchants offering similar items. 

Doing excellent commodity investigation will enable you to know the sales position of the merchandise you have searched for. Furthermore, you will discover the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) fees, estimated sales size, probable profit margin, and its price tag. In this article we'll review the  AMZScout commodity investigation tool and let you in on all there is to know about it. Dive in! 

What is AMZScout?

The tool will assist you to interpret the sales data of various merchandise to guide you in picking the best-selling items. Using this software will also give you a glance into trending commodity types, and you will be able to make a foray selling these goods. The knowledge of the possible trends will enable you to stay ahead of your business rivals. 

You can even stay ahead of future rivals by analyzing the markets new sellers are looking into. Preparing your strategy for the future will be more productive this way. Furthermore, the tool will aid you in sticking to your budget. This is due its ability to provide a working estimate of your fees and income. 

AMZScout web app vs AMZScout Chrome extension

amzscout chrome extension

The AMZScout web app offers certain features that the extension does not. The web app has the Keywords Explorer, which is a tool that can be used to search various keywords across multiple types of commodities. The web app also has the Product Tracker, which you may employ to trail the sales movement of up to 80 goods. You can quickly discover the sales position, projected revenue, among other details, of the commodities.  

You can install the web app from AMZScout ’s official website and start to use it immediately. It supports many browsers. 

The web app has its data in the cloud. Therefore, you get new data from Amazon every time you synchronize the web app. 

amzscout pro

The most significant characteristic of the AMZScout extension is its support of only the Chrome browser. In terms of its functionality, it provides information about Amazon goods, holiday discounts, best deals, best selling commodities, cost price, average sales volume, FBA fees, sales rank, etc. 

The AMZScout Chrome extension is easily accessible. Install it, load an Amazon web page, and open the extension by clicking on its icon in the upper right area of your browser. 

The extension determines the average sales position by compiling data every 30 days and analyzing such data. 

Features of AMZScout

AMZScout has many tools which are included in the package you choose to purchase. 

  1. Product database : It gives you the privilege to gain access to a plethora of merchandise and their relevant business details.
  2. Keyword tracker : You can utilize this to monitor the keywords in specific niches. You may use the knowledge to make your goods rank high on Amazon. 
  3. FBA calculator : The AMZScout FBA calculator can aid in discovering the fees Amazon will charge you for storing and shipping your merchandise. Knowing beforehand ensures that you will factor it into your sale price. 
  4. Stock stats: You will get to see the inventory of the sellers of a particular product. This will guide you to know if the goods to be supplied can meet the demand. 
  5. Amazon to eBay compare : This tool will show you if the product has a better price on eBay. The commodity’s price on eBay may determine your price. 

There are other features of AMZScout , such as sales estimator, rating and review average, profit calculator, etc. 

In conclusion

The highly lucrative Amazon marketplace cannot make every one of its sellers money. But you can be among the sellers generating high revenue through your sales if you use AMZScout . Take advantage.


How much does AMZScout cost?

Currently, AMZScout Pro can be purchased with a single payment of $199. All its features can also be accessed by paying $99 annually. The third option of payment is the payment of $44.99 every month. 

The most reasonable payment plan is the one-time payment option. It is economical and offers your business all features forever. The monthly payment option is typically for persons trying to determine the usefulness of the tool over some time. 

AMZScout free is a trial plan that permits users to utilize some features of AMZScout . It lasts for seven days and will automatically expire afterward.

Can I cancel my AMZScout subscription?

If you're dissatisfied with AMZScout Pro , you may end your monthly or yearly subscription. You can achieve the cancelation by sending a mail to  [email protected] . However, if you subscribed through your PayPal account, you can end the subscription through Paypal. 

What markets does AMZScout support?

AMZScout is a device developed only for Amazon. The AMZScout Chrome extension supports Amazon US, Mexico, Canada, India, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, and France. On another hand, the AMZScout web app supports Amazon in the listed countries above apart from Mexico.

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