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created on 2020 Feb 27 Thu

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When you hear the word “tool ” what comes to mind? Something that makes work easier, quicker and more efficient. Most times, it is impossible to work without these tools. Some tools are more useful than others. They come in different grades depending on the profession.

Talking about trading and marketing, most especially on Amazon, there are also tools developed to help sellers perform tasks easily, quickly and more efficiently. It is incredible, right? If you have not heard about these tools, then you know nothing about Amazon. It is not your fault, though!

Just last week, I just heard about one of the most lucrative tools that could help me perform some things easily. I was dumbfounded when I heard because I had been doing it manually and it was really difficult. In this article, we will discuss explicitly on what we call FBA toolkit, what it entails, features and benefits.

FBA and Toolkit

Let’s break it down!

The topic “FBA” toolkit consists two words- FBA and toolkit. Toolkit simply means a cluster of tools aimed at the same purpose. For instance, a shaving toolkit entails the shaving cream, brush, brush stand, soap, bowl, faux, and so on depending on the manufacturer. A shaving toolkit should entail everything you need to shave. Simple!

FBA toolkit, in that regard, means the cluster of tools necessary to carrying a proper and complete FBA campaign on Amazon. Now we are getting somewhere. We also have to explain what FBA means. Many people familiar with Amazon will most likely be familiar with FBA and what it means.

First and foremost, FBA isn’t a word. It is an acronym or abbreviation which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It is all coming to you now, right? FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It is a process that entails using Amazon services to get your products to their destination. As a matter of fact, Amazon has many things put in place to make the process faster and safer. With their distribution centers and warehouses all over the world, Amazon sellers can transfer their goods for packaging and distribution to the various locations. Of course, it’s not free but it makes trading across country easier.

What is FBA Toolkit?

Having established those facts written above, we are actually a step closer. FBA Toolkit comprises a set of tools directed to assist Amazon FBA users. In simpler words, it provides an all-in-one tool set directed to fast track the FBA process on Amazon. Although FBA makes trading easier on Amazon, FBA toolkit also makes it easier. It is somewhat similar in function to tools like Viral Launch, Efficient Era, Cyberaxo and so on. It is an incredible toolkit which consist of three major features:

·        Sales Volume Estimation

·        Price List Analysis

·        Product tracking

You see these three tools mentioned above are strategic and directly useful to improve your business on Amazon. We will take a look into these three features explicitly in the next subheading below.

The Three Important Tools in FBA Toolkit

We said earlier that FBA Toolkit contains three tools, right? Let’s quickly discuss their functions and benefits to Amazon sellers.

1.   Sales Volume Estimation

Sales Volume has to do with the quantity of items sold before the estimate was calculated. This helps the seller understand and track the progress of his (let’s assume it is a male) business. With this estimate, you can check whether your business is better, worse or static. This will enable you strike harder and make some tough decisions concerning your product listing and business in general.

This tool has more to do with Sales rank on Amazon. It helps discover the number of sales you make per day categorically.

2.   Price List Analysis

One of the most important factors in trading is pricing. The pricing of your products determine your profit. The higher your pricing, the more profit you earn. Therefore, there is a need to keep track of the prices of your products. This is to ensure you don’t lose. You are already paying so much for Amazon FBA, therefore, monitoring your pricing is ultimately important. All you have to do is simply enter the price list of your products and a set of information will pop up.

3.   Product Tracking

This is self-explanatory. With this tool, you can easily track the products in your listing- its pricing, sales rank or rate and so on. This will assist you in making decisions concerning purchases. 


FBA toolkit is an incredible asset every Amazon seller should grab because of the benefits it offers. With this tools, you can track the progress of your business and make necessary that will improve your business on Amazon. I hope this FBA toolkit review was helpful.

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